The Nashashibi Clan

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Prominent Palestinian political family

The Nashashibi Clan were prominent Palestinian Muslim political and social leaders during the British Mandate era. The patriarch, Raghib Nashashibi (above, directly behind the bride), served as Mayor of Jerusalem from 1920-1934 and helped form many of Palestine’s early Muslim institutions, like the Arab National Party and the Arab Higher Committee. They were political moderates, favoring compromise and diplomacy instead of violence with the British and the Jews. As the main political rivals to Amin al-Husseini and his clan, the Nashashibi’s were targeted during the al-Husseini-led Arab Revolt from 1936-1939. After Israel was created, Raghib served in the Jordanian government, and members of the family are still active in Palestinian and Middle East politics today.

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Episode 43

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