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We have to know the beginning before we can understand the rest of the story. Genesis is the narrative the Jewish People tell themselves about where they come from, how they began, and why this one piece of land, the Land of Israel, is so important. 

Episodes 1-20, run time approx 5 hours

What is Zionism? How did it lead to the creation of the State of Israel? The project to return the Jewish People to the land where they came from is a story of many roots, ideologies, mistakes, tragedies, and triumphs. And the people who devoted their lives, and sometimes sacrificed them, for the dream to come true.  

episodes 21-58, run time approx 14 hours

The Jewish People have accumulated a lot of stuff over the last several thousand years…and some of it has gone missing. Let’s go search for lost relics, missing archives, hidden monsters, buried treasure, and more.

episodes 59-70, run time approx 4.5 hours