Come for the dramatic stories. Stay for the knowledge that helps you make sense of it all.

I get asked a lot of questions about Judaism, Jewish history, philosophy, culture, traditions, current events, and modern Israel -- you name it. Too many people feel like they can't fully participate in Jewish life without grasping the basic knowledge. They really want to know more about their Jewish heritage. Or, if not Jewish, they want to understand why and how history speaks so loudly to the Jewish people, why Israel is so important to the Jews, and how the past informs current events.

A lack of knowledge shouldn't be a barrier to developing a meaningful connection to Judaism. Jew Oughta Know is my effort to answer every single question I've ever been asked. Starting thousands of years ago at the beginning of the Jewish story, I design each episode around something that I think Jews really ought to know. I try to both relate the "Jewish 101" for those who lack the basics, while also going just a bit beyond the major headlines to explain our history at a deeper level. 

The great advantage of Jewish history is that there is an endless list of things to talk about. The downside is that there is an endless list of things to talk about! Each season is organized around a certain time period so you can explore what most interests you at your own pace.

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season 2 (current)

The History of Zionism 1860-1948

What happened in Israel before there was Israel? The Jewish State didn't come out of nowhere. Decades before saw the rise of a unique project in human history, Zionism, to return the Jewish People to the land where they came from so that they could determine their own fate. This is the story of its many roots, ideologies, mistakes, tragedies, and triumphs. And the people who devoted their lives, and sometimes sacrificed them, for the dream to come true.  

34 episodes, run time approx 13 hours



season 1

The Book of Genesis

We have to know the beginning before we can understand the rest of the story. Genesis is the narrative the Jewish People tell themselves about where they come from, how they began, and why this one piece of land, the Land of Israel, is so important. 

20 episodes, run time approx 5 hours