the music

There are two ways to find the music in the podcast: in the Spotify playlists below, or by going to each episode’s individual page in the Season Guide to find the music played in that episode. The Spotify playlists give you most of the songs from that season. For the songs that are not available on Spotify, I have linked (again, in each episode’s individual page) to where I found the song on YouTube or another site. I encourage you patronize these artists as much as you can, by purchasing or listening to their music in a way that ensures they receive royalties (i.e. on Spotify).


Most Jew Oughta Know episodes begin with the following musical/spoken sequence:

Eyal Golan, “כשאת אינך (When You Are Gone)” Spotify iTunes

Shmuel Achiezer, “Yevarechecha Hora” Spotify iTunes Amazon

Hatikvah 6, “הכי ישראלי (Most Israeli)" Spotify iTunes Amazon


David Ben Gurion, “We declare the establishment of a Jewish state in Israel”

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, “I would say to young people…that we can do everyone our share to redeem the world.”


Season One: The Book of Genesis

Jew Oughta Know Season 1

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Season Two: A History of Zionism, 1860-1948

Jew Oughta Know Season 2


Season Three: Unsolved Jewish Mysteries

Jew Oughta Know Season 3